The law of diminishing happiness

March 29, 2010 at 2:45 pm Leave a comment

I thought this article from Unclutterer was interesting. The title is, “Can a person clutter up his time by constantly uncluttering?” and explains the myth of Sisyphus and the law of diminishing returns.

The law of diminishing returns is an economics term that tells us that there is a point at which increased production will create reduced benefits.

There comes a time when organization stops being a goal, and more of a habit which aids you in achieving larger goals. This is a good thing. Making organization a habit lessens anxiety and helps you breathe easy while focusing on your other goals.

There is however, a point of no return. When organization is more than a habit, and the only focus in your life. Thus the increased production and reduced benefits. An important thing to remember is that this point is different for everyone.

I’m glad that I found this article, and it is certainly something I will be keeping in mind. While striving for organization is a work in progress for me, I hope that in the long run I will be able to carry out more within my days. I’ll be keeping in mind the law of diminishing returns though to make sure I don’t reach a point of no return. While working on making organization a habit, I don’t want it to completely consume my life.


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