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Organization, procrastination and the ADD-riddled mind

When I first created Becoming Organized I mentioned that I would eventually touch upon reasons as to why I personally utilize organization methods, and why it is important to me. This is that post. I realize now though, that I’m not writing this to talk about myself. This post is for people who are/were in the same situation as me; individuals that possess the ability to carry on an insightful and intelligent conversation, but can’t seem to do what is required of them otherwise. I’m writing about what worked for me when it came to tackling my enemy, Attention Deficit Disorder. Because who knows, maybe it will work for you.

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Advantages/disadvantages of a connected world

I don’t think the power of the internet was truly recognized until social media became popular. Social media provides the world with a new method of obtaining news from multiple and specialized sources.

Historically, the expansion of communication from local to worldwide helped set the stage for the creation of social media. Mix easy global communication, with two parts self-centered tendencies of humans, and viola you’ve created social media, where everything is news.

Think about it. Don’t you think it’s odd when someone doesn’t have a Facebook page? An ‘ own space on the internet where they can display pictures of friends and the places they’ve been to, along with a neat list of favorite movies, music, books and TV shows. Not only that, but also periodically update their friends with an update of where they are going, what they are doing or what they are feeling. While websites like MySpace and Facebook first began with social media intentions, they are now a part of the daily norm for many human beings. Things like online identity are suddenly another necessity in the journalism field to make yourself a credible reporter.

Either way you use social media, it is a helpful tool for journalists. It allows them to search the world for different opinions and gives journalists the opportunity to add a face to a story. Usually, when a writer attaches a human face to a story it causes the reader to become more empathetic.

With the boom of social media assisting journalists with stories as far as sources and coverage goes, there is also the creation of blogs and specialized news sources. Instead of sifting through a whole paper for the sports section, there are entire websites and blogs dedicated to sports which are more practical for a sports fan to receive specific and in-depth news from. I think that while blogs are a great method of receiving news about issues you are concerned about – it is still very important to read multiple sources of news before forming a conclusion about an event. Many issues come into play here such as depth and accuracy of coverage. It’s important that when reading a blog for news, that a reader selects blogs which are correct. As someone who aspires to make a living out of blogging, it makes me want to be very accurate with my reporting and coverage.

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“Becoming Organized” in a nutshell.

Anais Nin once said, “Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.”

All I am is someone who is in the process of becoming organized, wanting to share my journey of the states I am going through. I like to think of it as lending a hand to the less organized. Giving personal testimony to what works for me and what doesn’t, helpful hints, tricks and tips, and why becoming organized was so important to me.

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